Vityl MonitorVityl Monitor

    IT Performance Monitoring Software

    View real-time and historical performance across heterogeneous virtualized and physical environments with Vityl Monitor. Ensure service availability by receiving early warning of potential bottlenecks and drill down into details to identify the root cause and correct the problem before it affects users.

    Included with Monitor is TeamQuest CMIS (capacity management information system), providing powerful, vendor-agnostic performance data collection, storage, and management for physical servers, virtual servers, cloud instances, and storage systems.

    Identify Problems Before They Impact Users

    • Reduce time to resolve cross-silo problems with a vendor-agnostic solution for physical servers, virtual servers, and storage systems.
    • Use fast root-cause identification & resolution that seamlessly takes you from symptoms to the details you need for diagnosis.
    • Identify what portion of each IT resource is contributing to each business unit or IT service.
    • Free staffing resources from the need to maintain multiple, disparate data repositories by providing one, virtual performance database with everything you need.

    Vityl Monitor includes a powerful TeamQuest CMIS for data collection, storage, and management:

    • Efficiently gather data from a wide variety of infrastructure, using out-of-box collectors for applications, middleware, databases, operating systems, hypervisors, storage systems and other sources.
    • Minimize the overhead by using the most efficient means available to gather the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date measurements possible.
    • Use both agent and agent-based collection, depending on the requirements of the situation.
    • Efficiently store all the data you need, using a distributed architecture to store the right data in the optimal place.

    It's Better Because...

    • You get very accurate analysis of resource utilization, showing the consumption by IT and business services with precision.
    • You see the big picture and the details, allowing high-level analysis and drill down to fine-grained, process-level details.
    • You can track service performance down to one-second intervals for the most demanding IT environments. 
    • You can analyze real-time performance of everything using a single tool that can cross IT technology and application/service silos. 
    • You can standardize processes, delivering consistent data & analysis throughout your organization.

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