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    Contact Center Metrics

    With contact centers as the central hub for customer experience, incorporating vast amounts of omni-channel data from disparate sources in real-time can provide a significant competitive advantage in driving business results.

    Vityl Insight's Contact Center Metrics (CCM) module serves as a single system-of-record for the automated collection, aggregation, transformation, management, and publishing of performance metrics across the disparate systems and data sources behind a Contact Center. CCM provides the insights needed to enhance customer experience and optimize revenue generation with real-time, end-to-end, consolidated views of Contact Center performance.

    Real-Time Contact Center Insights to Drive Business Impact

    • Automatically consolidate metrics from disparate Contact Center systems and data sources into actionable real-time information.
    • Transform and publish information in business-oriented views for executives, management and staff on browsers, mobile devices, readerboards, videowalls, portals, and more.
    • Understand the immediate business impact of missed service levels, long wait times, unbalanced workloads, idle agents, etc.
    • Determine exactly how to optimize your current Contact Center to reduce waste, best serve customers, and optimize revenue generation.
    • Implementing CCM, a global financial services company decreased abandonment rates by 20% with no changes in staff and immediately saved $250K in unnecessary infrastructure costs.

    Accessible Anytime, Anywhere with Your Business Context

    • Consolidates metrics from Contact Center ACDs, Call Management Systems, Applications, and business data sources.
    • CCM utilizes a catalog-based system to transform operations and technical metrics automatically into business-outcome views for stakeholders.
    • CCM is the first product of its class built with a "Mobile-First" and "Just Answers" design philosophy, leveraging the best and latest technology has to offer to bring unprecedented ease-of-use to both users and administrators.