Vityl Adviser

    iOS App Puts IT Health and Risk Right On Your Wrist

    The Vityl Adviser iOS application brings the current health and potential risks of your IT systems straight to your iPhone or Apple Watch – anytime, anywhere.

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    Focus On What's Important

    • IT service health and risk are simplified into a single indicator for each, providing clarity and focus to mountains of data.
    • Quickly identify what services need attention and where IT should focus resources to solve existing issues.
    • Spot services and systems that are at risk for poor performance in the future.

    Trust What You See

    • iOS App interfaces with TeamQuest’s Vityl Adviser that continuously measures the health and risk of an organizations deployed services.
    • TeamQuest's algorithms process thousands of data points and account for non-linear behavior to calculate health and risk.
    • These proven-accurate algorithms have evolved over decades of experience and fine-tuning to ensure you have what you need to optimize IT service delivery.

    Vityl Adviser Phone App


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