Vityl Capacity Management

    Key Performance Indicator Software

    Use the industry's most accurate algorithms to understand the health and risk of IT and business services.

    Vityl Capacity Management KPIs ScreenshotAutomatically transform thousands of data points into a single, prioritized health indicator to identify and resolve problems faster. Anticipate when, where, and how many IT resources are needed to meet business demand in the future. Ease your workload using automated algorithmic-based IT risk calculations that provide a view of present and future performance, as well as the time frame and severity of future issues.

    Avoid Risks and Control Costs

    • Quickly identify what services need attention using a health indicator.
    • Prioritize maintenance by knowing how long you have before a problem will impact performance.
    • Understand the severity of unhealthy services and systems.
    • Save hundreds of person-hours spent doing analysis with summarized information for all services down to detailed information by system.
    • Simplify processes and collaboration through automated and connected workflows.
    • Understand where service slowdowns and failures will occur and avoid them by deploying the right IT resources at the right time.
    • Group systems and services you want to monitor closely for health.

    It's Better Because...

    • Sophisticated algorithms that account for non-linear behavior automatically process thousands of data points for you.
    • IT service health is simplified into a single indicator, providing clarity and focus to mountains of data.
    • The algorithms used to calculate health have evolved over decades of experience and fine-tuning and yield a 95% accuracy rate.
    • Connected workflows provide seamless communication and collaboration, from IT operations to IT managers to business leaders.
    • View current health of your IT systems on your smartphone or tablet – anytime, anywhere.

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