TeamQuest Surveyor

    TeamQuest Surveyor

    IT Analytics and Enterprise Reporting Software

    Analyze IT performance and capacity in cloud, virtual, and physical environments with TeamQuest Surveyor. Use built-in performance analytic intelligence to free staff from mundane tasks so they can focus on projects that impact the business. Analyze data integrated across business units and technology silos, translating IT metrics into business-relevant terms, such as cost per business application and transaction.

    Financially Optimize Business Services

    • Reduce the frequency and severity of bottlenecks by proactively analyzing and reporting across all relevant technology elements.
    • Analyze integrated data from existing, disparate sources, technology silos, business metrics, and financial data.
    • Identify impending problems and resolve them before they affect users.
    • Use trending and multi-metric, multi-source correlation analysis to determine performance and capacity issues.

    It's Better Because...    

    • You get fast ROI and immediate value via powerful, out-of-the-box analysis, intelligence, and reporting.
    • You can save time and boost IT productivity by automating and embedding staff expertise.
    • You can recoup hundreds of staff hours by automating reports.
    • You can use the data you already have, regardless of the data sources or performance tools used to collect it.
    • You don't have to "rip and replace" when you migrate to new IT tools.

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