TeamQuest Software

For Unisys ClearPath Systems

    TeamQuest Software for Unisys ClearPath Systems

    TeamQuest provides a variety of systems management software for Unisys OS 2200 systems, including software for site administration and mass storage management. TeamQuest also provides performance management and capacity planning software for both Unisys ClearPath OS 2200 and MCP systems.

    ClearPath OS 2200

    Performance Management & Capacity Planning

    Site Administration

    • TeamQuest SIMAN
      Site management complex
    • TeamQuest Cull/ TeamQuest IACull
      Cross reference lister
    • TeamQuest LA
      Minimize system log file processing
    • TeamQuest TIP-LA
      Minimize TIP performance monitor (TPM) audit trail processing
    • TeamQuest SAUtilities
      Simplify daily operations of your systems

    Mass Storage Management

    ClearPath MCP

    Performance Management & Capacity Planning

    • TeamQuest SMFII
      Pinpoint problem areas with ease
    • TeamQuest Probes
      Observe the performance of your systems
    • TeamQuest Extended NAP Probes
      Observe the performance of your systems
    • TeamQuest PMPlus
      Manage all aspects of your ClearPath environment
    • TeamQuest Express
      Pinpoint problem areas in system performance with a tool that is easy to use and understand
    • TeamQuest Online
      Monitor the performance of your system in real time
    • TeamQuest Model
      Predict computer system performance with confidence