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    TeamQuest SAUtilities

    TeamQuest SAUtilities makes the administration of ClearPath OS 2200 Series systems easier. It allows you to easily read and process system log entries and interactively view and update files. TeamQuest SAUtilities also makes it easy to view and store print files, label and relabel tapes, scan audit trails, create reports, report on database event data, and perform character, date and time manipulations.

    TeamQuest SAUtilities also contains a collection of service routines that perform common tasks for programs written in different languages.

    These service routines can:

    • Reduce development time
    • Eliminate common errors
    • Promote consistency
    • Assist migration from basic mode to UCS environments

    Log File Interface

    • Retrieve data from the system log file
    • Enable user software to read and process system log entries without needing to know the specific log entry format

    Dump Utility

    • View and update disk and tape files
    • Interactively view and directly update sector or word-formatted files

    Print Queue Maintenance Utility

    • Retrieve print files from queues and store them as elements of a program file
    • View print files on line, store them for future viewing, or send them to an alternate device

    Audit Trail Scan Utility

    • Scan tape and mass storage audit trails
    • Create reports from the audit trail data


    • Label new tapes
    • Relabel used tapes
    • Unlabel tapes
    • Print tape labels

    Database Event Reporting

    • Capture UDS Control application access and update events
    • Report on UDS Control data

    Conversion Service Routines

    • Provide a set of character conversion service routines that perform character string manipulations using ASCII strings, single-precision integer, and double-precision integers
    • Support the following language interfaces: PLUS, UCS PLUS, COBOL, UCS COBOL, and UCS C
    • Provide a set of date and time conversion service routines that perform date and time manipulations using TDATE$ format, DWTIME$ format, and ASCII string data types