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    TeamQuest Probes

    TeamQuest Probes provides data collectors for Message Control Bank (MCB) applications, mass storage, system level TIP, and Universal Data System (UDS) applications for your ClearPath OS 2200 Series systems. TeamQuest Probes is an add-on package that supplements the data provided in TeamQuest Baseline. TeamQuest Baseline is a performance analysis package that collects and displays system resource information for hardware components and software applications. It offers a wide range of statistics, including detailed information on CPU, memory, I/O, disk, network, process, and operating system internals.

    Comprehensive Data Collection

    Probe Data



    Statistics on Message Control Bank (MCB) buffer pool activity, MCB message retention files, and MCB message functions, as well as statistics on application group activities

    Mass Storage

    Statistics about the use of mass storage devices (by disk, equipment type and system) and provides information about fixed and removable devices, as well as local and shared devices


    Statistics on UDSC bank utilization, user thread activity, I/O activity and thread queuing activity

    System Kons

    Statistics on overall system level TIP activity, transaction load profile, and average transaction existence time