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    TeamQuest PAR

    TeamQuest PAR is a performance analysis routine for detailed analysis of SIP data and I/O trace data files collected by the Exec on ClearPath OS 2200 Series systems. With PAR, you can also view an I/O trace tape file or mass storage containing data for every I/O performed.

    Detailed reports allow system administrators to investigate performance problems and locate bottlenecks.

    SIP Data Reduction

    • Convert raw SIP data into meaningful reports
    • Save the data currently in the input buffer as the start or end of the interval for data reduction
    • Generate reports and direct them to a specified medium using SIP reduction commands
    • Use built-in commands to control SIP data reduction

    I/O Trace Data Reduction

    • Define reports using a command interface
    • Include and exclude trace entries
    • Specify the order of the trace items for I/O trace summaries and reports
    • Use built-in commands to control I/O trace data reduction

    Standard and Custom Reports

    • Use standard reports with minimum input
    • View a listing of the contents of the TIP permanent file directories
    • Tailor reports by controlling the reading and processing of SIP data through user-defined commands

    Textual and Graphical Reports

    • Generate graphs from a range of raw or computed values
    • Examine up to six variables in a time interval