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    TeamQuest OSAM

    TeamQuest OSAM is an online activity monitor software package for ClearPath OS 2200 systems. TeamQuest OSAM allows all departments in an organization to monitor and manage their particular system resources. People with different responsibilities communicate about performance issues more effectively.

    TeamQuest OSAM can help you:

    • Scan exception reports to show peak volume periods, system resources, and overall system performance
    • Receive early warning of problems
    • Resolve issues before they become critical
    • Respond quickly and accurately to phone calls from users about system performance
    • Make recommendations on factual analysis rather than supposition

    In-Depth Analysis

    • Analyze UDS applications, MCB and step control applications, and TIP usage
    • Analyze data from SIP, MSCON$, system KONS, UDS control, step control, MCB and system log file

    Problem Alerting

    • Define your own thresholds
    • Specify actions to be taken when thresholds are met or exceeded
    • Resolve problems before they become critical with early warning

    Reporting Capabilities

    • View textual reports of monitored information
    • Generate customized reports from performance databases

    Performance Database

    • Provide logging, database maintenance, batch execution, replay and report capabilities with the TeamQuest OSAM performance database
    • Store monitored information in the TeamQuest OSAM performance database

    Data Collection

    • Collect Software Instrumentation Package (SIP) data
    • Assemble Overall Transaction Processing (TIP) environment and individual transactions
    • Group batch and demand runs and programs
    • Gather Overall Universal Data System (UDS) environments and UDS threads
    • Collect mass storage utilization for the fixed pool and by device
    • Collect file track usage by run
    • Group Message Control Bank (MCB) and COMPOOL environments
    • Assemble step control queue trees