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    TeamQuest MSManager

    TeamQuest MSManager is a mass storage solution that provides a full range of mass storage control and maintenance features for ClearPath OS 2200 Series systems. With it, you can ensure that the most frequently accessed files are always available and minimize ROLOUT and ROLBAK runs.

    Analyze Audit Trails

    • Identify missing files by comparing the database to the master file directory
    • Pass information to Symbolic Stream Generator (SSG) skeletons, FAS, or other software utilities

    Maintain and Report on Online Database

    • Create and update historical files to produce reports
    • Add and delete data from the historical file

    Organize and Manage

    • Organize fixed pools of disks and removable disk files
    • Manage mass storage easily with flexible directory reporting, directory altering, and disk capacity managing facilities

    Automate Individual Sites

    • Automate mass storage management procedures and practices at each site
    • Set different criteria for each file on the system
    • Stage implementation