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    TeamQuest MSAR

    TeamQuest MSAR is a mass storage analysis and relocation program for ClearPath OS 2200 Series systems. It helps you minimize access times and balance I/O traffic. By strategically placing files and balancing loads, I/O queue length shortens and system performance improves.

    Display File Information from the MFD

    • Create reports and file lists by entering selection parameters and options
    • Choose many combinations of file directory fields through a flexible, parameter-driven program

    Generate Machine-readable Reports

    • Save data from reports to a machine-readable file
    • Process data from reports in other programs

    View Allocation Maps

    • View maps of the locations of the files on mass storage devices
    • View storage allocation information

    Control File Placement

    • Move existing files and file fragments to the best possible location
    • Allow users to place new files on the most efficient storage device