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    TeamQuest Log Analyzer

    TeamQuest LA provides a flexible method of obtaining reports from the system log file through its free-format, keyword-oriented interface. It is designed to produce reduction reports of system log data. With TeamQuest LA, you can view summary information about daily and weekly system usage. User defined environments allow you to compare resource usage between different applications and customize reports to fit your specific needs.

    Report types

    • View usage reports organized by program, run, transaction, devices, media, symbionts, and security
    • View summary reports on the overall system, programs, TIP response time, projects, user-ids, and accounts
    • View graphs of active runs, SUP usage, backlog, mass storage requirements, and TIP counts
    • View detailed information on programs, transactions, and symbiont usage

    Historical Files

    • Create and update historical files to produce reports
    • Add and delete data from the historical file

    Predefined and Custom Reports

    • Generate standard reports to summarize the use of the system resources in as many categories as you need
    • Create custom reports specific to your needs

    Output Files

    • Create sequential system data format (SSDF) output files that are compatible with PCIOS
    • Process machine-readable files with any program using the PCIOS SSDF module
    • Link together all entries selected for LA processing into a single mass storage log file or tape