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    TeamQuest D-Fragger

    TeamQuest D-Fragger helps you compact mass storage by defragmenting files, consolidating free space for future allocation, and minimizing DAD entries. It decreases Exec time and streamlines I/Os. D-Fragger also reports disk fragmentation on allocated and unallocated space.

    TeamQuest D-Fragger can help you:

    • improve job turnaround times
    • free up administrator and operator time
    • increase the amount of available mass storage without purchasing disk drives

    This graph reflects the number of I/O requests for two executions of the same user database application. In each case, the user application generated around 130,000 user I/Os. The first instance of the database application caused the Exec to perform over 1.7 million I/O requests to service the database utility, many of which were a direct result of the Exec following links to the fragmented portions of the database files. In comparison, the second instance of the application, run after mass storage defragmentation with TeamQuest D-Fragger, caused only 23,892 Exec I/Os. The difference is attributable to the dramatic decrease in I/O activity required with defragmented files.

    Defragment Fixed Mass Storage

    • Defragment fixed mass storage quickly and efficiently
    • Stay online while fixed devices defragment
    • Quit performing a jump key 13 boot

    Consolidate Mass Storage

    • Defragment files
    • Consolidate free space for future allocation
    • Speed I/Os
    • Minimize DAD entries
    • Improve access times and file allocation speed

    Speed User Applications

    • Decrease Exec time
    • Streamline I/Os
    • Improve turnaround times

    Report Disk Fragmentation

    • Prepare management reports on disk space availability
    • Investigate allocated and unallocated fragments