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    TeamQuest Baseline

    TeamQuest Baseline reports on computer system performance and locates performance bottlenecks. With it you can analyze the present and the past, from one to multiple systems, and from high-level information to detailed component and user activity. TeamQuest Baseline allows you to monitor multiple systems from a variety of platforms from a single workstation.

    TeamQuest Baseline collects and displays system resource information for hardware components and software applications in concise, understandable charts and tables. It offers four levels of analysis, including threshold analysis, drill-down analysis, correlation analysis, and trend analysis.

    TeamQuest Baseline gives you the ability to observe and manage the performance of your systems:

    • Inspect and ensure service level objectives
    • Maintain a record of system and software usage
    • Report MIPS used and trend future MIPS usage
    • Identify who or what is causing system slowdowns
    • Measure new application impact
    • Monitor multiple systems by exception
    • Integrate business metrics with performance data

    Note: the data collectors for TeamQuest Baseline gather statistics on CPU utilization, MIPS usage, I/O usage, memory usage, disk space utilization, SUPs utilization, applications, TIP usage, and any application that is instrumented to collect performance-related statistics. The data collectors can send alarm events to any management console that accepts SNMP traps.

    TeamQuest Baseline lets you analyze overall system utilization, process detail, and active users.

    Built-In Analysis

    • Adaptable Threshold Analysis continuously monitors vital system indicators and alerts you when conditions require your attention
    • Drill-Down Analysis guides you from any point on a graph down to the users and processes active at that particular time
    • As you explore cause-and-effect relationships, Correlation Analysis uncovers patterns within the activity of users and components
    • Trend Analysis lets you use historical data as your guide to the present, helping you find cycles in system behavior

    Flexible Interface

    • Combine data from the resources being used and the applications using them into a single source for information, investigation and reporting
    • Collect data from a variety of platforms and display the information on a single console or multiple workstations
    • Monitor your entire enterprise from the desktop of your choice
    • Adjust the user interface to depict the information the way you want to see it
    • View side-by-side comparisons of before and after activity seamlessly in charts and graphs

    Application Visibility

    • Maintain a compact historical record of system performance behavior and application components
    • Configure your workload characteristics to collect information by business application
    • Add your own mission critical statistics unique to your system to the TeamQuest performance database to monitor and analyze in conjunction with all other statistics

    Past and Present Reporting

    • Receive early warning of potential problems with user-defined thresholds and alarms
    • Observe alarm states within TeamQuest Baseline or publish them to management consoles with SNMP traps
    • Click on any time point in a chart and drill down to the user and process activity taking place at that time
    • Collect statistics at the system, workload, resource, and process levels to give a comprehensive view of system performance