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    TeamQuest Express

    TeamQuest Express is a load-and-run performance tool ideally suited for small- to medium-sized sites, like banks using Information Technology, Inc. (ITI). TeamQuest Express helps sites with limited technical resources monitor operations activity, track historical trends of system-wide performance statistics, analyze resource usage, and measure file and tape activity. The TeamQuest Express data collector runs once a day and stores the statistics in a database. Users can view the data in character reports, or they can download the performance statistics into Microsoft Excel to view charts.

    Daily Data Collection

    • Track system processor and memory usage, overlay and I/O activities, and disk caching
    • Collect I/O activity statistics at the file, family and usercode levels
    • Gather data on processor, memory, and I/O usage for each task executing in the system, and summarize it into user-defined applications
    • Track system hardware errors
    • Process records from system log files by type, such as task information, file activity, or security violations
    • Provide resource usage information for chargeback accounting systems
    • Maintain tape media database

    Easy Reporting

    • View character reports using a query program
    • Create Microsoft Excel graphs using macros provided
    • Print reports or store them in disk files
    • Adjust the user interface to depict the information the way you want to see it
    • Select from daily, weekly and monthly reports

    Application Data

    • Maintain a compact historical record of system performance, task performance, file usage, user resource consumption, and more
    • Collect information by business application
    • Collect information by usercode for resource usage
    • Collect data on print resource usage statistics and security violations
    • Collect information on operations activity