Managed IT Services for Capacity Management

    Offload day-to-day capacity management tasks and help your IT organization be more efficient. 

    Are you short on staff or experience? Struggling to meet service level agreements (SLAs)? Spending all your time fighting fires?

    We can take on these day-to-day capacity management tasks, so you don’t have to. Learn about our managed IT service offerings today. 

    “We now have powerful, repeatable processes and analyze faster and easier.”

    —IT Manager, Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

    Virtual Administrator

    Manage, configure, and maintain your TeamQuest software—without lifting a finger. We’ll take care of implementing software updates, collecting data, monitoring infrastructure, and generating capacity reports.

    You’ll get:

    • Assurance that your software is running optimally
    • Daily reviews of operations
    • Weekly reports on performance

    Virtual Health & Risk Analyst

    Troubleshoot, resolve, and predict problems before they happen—without doing any of the analysis yourself. We’ll assess the health, risk, and efficiency of your systems for you.

    You’ll get:

    • Regular analysis of performance issues
    • Recommendations for resolving issues
    • Assessments of health, risk, and efficiency

    Virtual Health & Risk Analyst includes everything offered in Virtual Administrator, too. 

    Virtual Capacity Planner

    Do detailed capacity planning and capacity forecasting—without becoming a capacity planner yourself. We’ll do the detailed analysis of your capacity, share best practices for capacity management, and shed light on your capacity forecasting processes.

    You’ll get:

    • Monthly capacity reports for CPU, memory, and storage—looking ahead up to four quarters
    • Results of what-if scenarios for forecasting different resource options and configurations
    • Resource requirements by application for the next planning period
    • Monthly adjustments to the planning as real transactional and resource data is collected 

    Virtual Capacity Planner includes everything offered in Virtual Health & Risk Analyst and Virtual Administrator.

    Get Started with Capacity Management Services

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