Managed Services

    Are you short on staff or experience? Struggling to meet service level agreements (SLAs)? Spending all your time fighting fires? You can offload some of the performance- and capacity-related duties to us. Just select from a range of role-based Managed Services that best fit your need.

    Virtual Administrator

    • Management, configuration, and maintenance of TeamQuest software

    • Implementation of software updates

    • Data collection and infrastructure monitoring

    • Generation of scheduled reports

    • Weekly activity and incident summary

    Virtual Health & Risk Analyst

    • Problem identification and recommendations for resolution
    • Recommendations for resource and configuration adjustments to improve performance
    • Exception reports showing top 10 systems for each resource
    • Reports showing under- and over-utilized systems

    Virtual Capacity Planner

    • Monthly capacity report for CPU, memory, and storage looking ahead up to four quarters
    • Results of what-if scenarios for forecasting different resource options and configurations
    • Resource requirements by application for the next planning period
    • Monthly adjustments to the planning as real transactional and resource data is collected 

    Optimization in a Box

    • Subscription service for Capacity Management
    • No upfront investment in people, processes, and tools
    • Analysis, interpretation, and reporting on performance data
    • On-site analytical engine - no consolidation or transfer of large volumes of data required
    • Remote management of configuration, monitoring, analysis, and reporting