Implementation Services

    Deployment Services

    We want you to get the full value from our solutions. Decades of experience has taught us the best way to ensure that happens is to use a methodical four-step approach:

    1. Assess your current situation using the IT Maturity Assessment
    2. Discover opportunities for improvement
    3. Design an implementation plan with defined success criteria and a detailed outline of activities and responsibilities
    4. Deploy the solution that meets the requirements 

    A successful deployment of our solution in your environment is only the beginning of what we consider to be a long and lasting partnership.

    Vityl Dashboard Customization

    Let us help you customize your business value dashboards by:

    • Adding data sources
    • Integrating business information
    • Aligning dashboard with current business processes
    • Creating or modifying new dashboards and reports

    Product Training

    TeamQuest University LogoLooking for a refresher course on using TeamQuest software? Need to train additional staff? TeamQuest University provides product training classes that will enhance the skills of experienced users, as well as bring new users into the fold.

    All classes are led by TeamQuest Global Services experts. Each class provides 3.5 days of interactive, hands-on learning based on real scenarios. If you prefer to host a class at your facility or want to take the class online, please contact us to make arrangements at

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    TeamQuest Surveyor

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    Students completing this course are able to:

    • Explain how TeamQuest Surveyor works with TeamQuest CMIS and other data sources
    • Connect Surveyor to a variety of database types to make data accessible for reporting
    • Configure user privileges to achieve your objectives
    • Analyze out-of-the-box report structures to determine the report options that are available to end users
    • Build custom reports
    • Format reports using HTML templates
    • Share reports with others
    • Perform ongoing administration of Surveyor

    TeamQuest Predictor

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    Students completing this course are able to:

    • Install and perform ongoing administration of TeamQuest Predictor
    • Identify the TeamQuest CMIS data collectors that are required to create a model input file or automated modeling output
    • Configure automatic modeling using the AutoPredict Service
    • Create system models that accurately reflect the hardware and work that you want to model
    • Proactively maintain service levels by using Predictor to identify and resolve capacity issues before they occur
    • Generate reports that demonstrate how changes will affect service levels

    TeamQuest CMIS & Analyzer

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    Students completing this course are able to:

    • Install and deploy TeamQuest CMIS in the enterprise to collect and store data
    • Configure CMIS components to help accomplish business objectives
    • Perform ongoing administration of CMIS components.
    • Install and deploy TeamQuest Analyzer in the enterprise.
    • Configure TeamQuest Analyzer to help accomplish business objectives.
    • Perform ongoing administration of TeamQuest Analyzer
    • Use Analyzer to identify current performance issues and potential future concerns
    • Use Analyzer to generate performance reports