Expert Services

    IT Maturity Workshop

    Based on a five-level maturity model, the IT Maturity Workshop helps you assess your current Capacity Management skills, processes and tools and provides clear direction on what you can do to improve.

    This collaborative workshop results in your own unique roadmap for increasing productivity and efficiency for your organization. The workshop reveals:

    1. Your current maturity level

    2. Your maturity profile in terms of people, processes and tools

    3. Suggested actions for improvement

    All findings and recommendations are presented briefly at the end of the session and in a report sent to you after the workshop.

    Performance Analysis and Capacity Planning

    If your organization is short-staffed or simply doesn't have time to do in-depth analysis, we can help. We will analyze the performance of key services and make recommendations to ensure you have the correct amount of resources in place at the right time to fulfill business goals.

    Whether you have an existing performance issue, an IT or business service that is not performing as expected, a planned increase in the business workload for a particular service, or even a surplus in computing resource, we can work with you to deliver a comprehensive analysis for optimization.