Expert Services for Capacity Management

    Partner with capacity management experts to assess your infrastructure and create a path to better capacity management. 

    Your IT department has a lot on its plate. And after the day-to-day tasks of keeping operations running smoothly, there’s not much time left to be proactive in capacity management.

    You’re not alone either. IT managers surveyed by Kelton spend just 10 percent of their time on proactive activities.

    The good news is that you don’t need to do the work of proactive capacity management on your own anymore. You can enlist expert capacity management services to keep up.

    Our expert services include:

    • Capacity Management Maturity Workshop
    • Capacity Management Health Check
    • ITSO Training & Certification
    • Performance Analysis
    • Capacity Analysis
    • Dashboard Planning & Design 

    Learn more about each of these offerings below. Or if you’re ready to get started now, contact our services team >

    “TeamQuest has helped us get the most out of our dollar.”

    —Paul Armstrong, Infrastructure Procurement Manager, NCR Corporation

    Capacity Management to Meet Your Goals

    Improve Efficiency

    Meet your efficiency goals by engaging capacity management services. We can help you optimize your environment, consolidate servers, and analyze performance.

    Mitigate Risks

    Meet your goals for consistent service by mitigating risk with capacity management services. We can help you make sure your infrastructure supports your SLAs and predict when you might run into a problem.

    Increase Agility

    Meet your goals for supporting the business by increasing your agility with capacity management services. We can help you monitor performance and capacity. You’ll get the intel you need to move the business forward. 

    Partner with Capacity Management Experts

    You’ll work with our resident capacity management experts, like Keith Digby. Keith has over 20 years of experience in helping organizations do capacity management. 

    Whether you’re just getting started with capacity management or you already have software solutions in place, our experts can give you the attention and expertise you need. 

    Capacity Management Maturity Workshop

    Where are you at in capacity management maturity?

    Take our Capacity Management Maturity Workshop to assess your current capacity management skills, processes, and tools. You’ll find out which level of maturity you’re at: chaotic, reactive, proactive, service, or value.

    You’ll also get actionable recommendations for your ideal yet achievable level, plus guidance on how to get there.

    This service is available to anyone—regardless of which products you're using for capacity management today. 

    Capacity Management Health Check

    Make sure your TeamQuest capacity management software is at optimal utilization.

    We’ll review your current environment and analyze your servers and systems. From there, we’ll make recommendations for optimizing your infrastructure, improving your processes, and getting more ROI out of your software.

    Regular health checks can help you make sure you’re getting the most business value out of the software, even if you don’t have time to check up on it yourself. 

    Capacity Management Maturity Training & Certification

    Become your organization’s capacity management expert. Take our capacity management maturity training courses and get certified.

    You’ll learn how to align IT services with the unique needs of your business. And you’ll be able to optimize IT processes, technology, and strategies to meet those needs.

    Performance Analysis

    Are you short-staffed? Or do you simply not have the time to do an in-depth performance analysis?

    We can help you pinpoint IT performance issues. Here’s how.

    We’ll analyze the performance of key services. Then we’ll make recommendations to ensure you have the correct amount of resources in place at the right time to fulfill business goals.

    This might mean:

    • Finding an existing performance issue
    • Identifying an IT or business service that is underperforming
    • Planning for an increase in a business workload for a particular service
    • Discovering a surplus of computing resources

    Capacity Analysis

    Do you need help with capacity modeling?

    We can help you out with a capacity analysis. We’ll analyze your performance to assess the impact of planned capacity changes. Or help you make sure your service levels don’t suffer.

    You might need a capacity analysis if you need help determining:

    • How much growth your infrastructure can handle
    • How long the software can support planned application growth
    • Hardware needs for budgeting purposes
    • How to identify underutilized systems that can be consolidated
    • Requirements to support new applications

    Cloud Migration Assistance

    Moving your workloads to the cloud? Not sure which method will best suit your needs?

    We can help you decide how to migrate your workloads in a way that keeps your applications running and your costs contained.

    We'll help you analyze which workloads to see which are best suited to run in the cloud. And whether it happens before or after you migrate, optimization is a must. We'll help you decide what to optimize and when to minimize downtime and cost.

    Dashboard Planning & Design

    You want your dashboards to be effective, look professional, and meet industry standards. But building dashboards is easier said than done.

    That’s why we offer dashboard planning and design services.

    By engaging our experts, you’ll be able to:

    • Ensure your dashboards meet your needs
    • Select the right metrics
    • Collect the right data
    • Organize your dashboards to make sense to your audience
    • Design your dashboards effectively

    Make sure your dashboards are effective as possible—no matter which software you use to build them. 

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