TeamQuest PredictorTeamQuest Predictor

    Predict with What-if Analysis

    Perform what-if analysis of demand growth scenarios to determine resources required to meet service levels without over-provisioning with TeamQuest Predictor. This capacity planning solution uses sophisticated algorithms that have evolved over decades of experience to provide predictions with 95% accuracy.

    Accurately Capacity Plan for Consistent Service Delivery

    • Guide business decisions with objective information.
    • Accurately provision systems to avoid costly and time-consuming performance bottlenecks.
    • Reduce or eliminate over-provisioning by identifying the least expensive way to accommodate service level requirements.
    • Find optimal configurations for new application rollouts by ensuring production systems will handle new workloads at minimal cost.
    • Get unbiased, vendor-neutral guidance that identifies what you really need as opposed to what your vendor says you need.
    • Make informed virtualization & server consolidation decisions by finding the most cost-effective combination and configuration of resources.

    It's Better Because...

    • You get fast results that are typically 95% accurate.
    • Your results are based on a powerful, proven technology - queuing network theory.
    • You can see when a sudden non-linear ramp-up in response time will occur.
    • You can identify where more resources will be required and when.
    • You can understand the details that affect capacity, such as multi-threaded environments and partitioning configuration options.

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