TeamQuest Announces Integration with BMC, Releases App for iOS Devices, to help IT teams measure IT health

    Clear Lake, IA, September 13, 2016

    TeamQuest, a company that helps IT teams control their costs, is announcing an integration between BMC’s TrueSight Capacity Optimization and its own Vityl Adviser platform, as well as the release of a new app for all iOS powered devices.

    TeamQuest, which helps IT organizations control and monitor their costs, is announcing two new features for their Vityl Adviser (Adviser ) platform. As well as a new app for all iOS devices, TeamQuest is announcing an integration with BMC’s TrueSight Capacity Optimization (BCO), meaning that customers can expect an even more streamlined health and risk platform.

    The new integration will be between BCO and TeamQuest’s own Adviser, a platform that offers simplified infrastructure monitoring and capacity management by using advanced algorithms to translate data into health and risk scores. Adviser will now support BCO versions 10.5 and 10.3 in Linux and Windows environments, along with the BCO Oracle database server. With the latest Adviser release, the software will allow users to monitor and optimize their infrastructures faster and more efficiently.

    “We understand that enterprises make large and significant investments in infrastructure monitoring,” says TeamQuest CEO Paul Hesser. “This is just the latest expansion of our efforts to ensure that all of our users’ existing data, regardless of platform or vendor, can be converted by TeamQuest’s advanced algorithm into simple health and risk scores.”

    Complementing the new integration is the release of an innovative iOS app. This new platform interfaces with Adviser to measure and report on the health and risk of deployed services and features intuitive controls that make it easy to cycle through different services. The app simplifies thousands of data points into a single indicator for each service, providing IT leaders with a comprehensive picture of their infrastructure’s risk and health when they’re ‘on-the-go’.

    Each year, an average of $1bn to $2.5bn is lost each year due to IT and application downtime by Fortune 1000 businesses. Similarly, the average cost of downtime per minute across industries was reported as $4,300 a minute. With terrifying and costly statistics like this, TeamQuest is helping businesses to prepare themselves in advance of expensive IT mishaps, helping IT teams to secure businesses from the worst of the web.

    “Whether they are using an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch employees can now receive instant notifications when IT issues arise,” Hesser adds. “The app also provides insights as to how similar problems can be avoided later on. Even when they are away, employees will know exactly when things go wrong, so they don’t need to keep checking dashboards when they aren’t in the office.”


    TeamQuest helps IT control costs, avoid risks and communicate value. Through decades of experience in disciplines like performance management and capacity planning, TeamQuest is steadfastly focused on helping IT contribute greater value to the business. More specifically, TeamQuest specializes in helping organizations to elevate IT maturity and optimize infrastructure based on the business value it delivers.


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