HelpSystems Acquires TeamQuest

    HelpSystems Acquires TeamQuest to Broaden Portfolio with IT Service Optimization

    TeamQuest and SYSback Finalize Channel Partnership in Germany

    Data center, ITIL, and automation specialist SYSback is now expanding its offerings to include capacity management software from IT solution leader TeamQuest.

    TeamQuest Announces Integration with BMC, Releases App for iOS Devices, to help IT teams measure IT health

    TeamQuest, a company that helps IT teams control their costs, is announcing an integration between BMC’s TrueSight Capacity Optimization and its own Vityl Adviser platform, as well as the release of a new app for all iOS powered devices.

    TeamQuest bringt vollkommen neue Software für die Kapazitätsplanung von IT-Infrastrukturen auf den Markt

    Teamquest, ein weltweit führender Hersteller von Software für IT-Service-Optimierung, bringt eine neue Software-Suite auf den Markt. Die „Vityl Suite“ bietet IT-Verantwortlichen geeignete und integrierte Werkzeuge und Metriken zur Verbesserung von Systemauslastung, Kapazitätsplanung und Prozessoptimierung.

    TeamQuest Introduces Revolutionary Vityl Product Suite

    TeamQuest, a global leader in IT Performance Management, Capacity Management, and Business Value Dashboards, today announced the release of their new Vityl software suite.