TeamQuest Enhances Capacity Management Software

    New release predicts storage capacity

    Announcing TeamQuest Release 11.2 PF20150206

    Clear Lake, Iowa, March 10, 2015

    TeamQuest, a global leader in IT capacity planning and management solutions, today announced new updates to its software suite, which is designed to help businesses optimize IT service performance while improving efficiency and business productivity.

    The automation and predictive capabilities of TeamQuest software power the performance of strategic IT services while helping businesses run at optimum efficiency. TeamQuest’s software suite analyzes the capacity of large, virtualized environments, including all infrastructure layers from the storage layer up through the applications and services using that storage.

    The enhancements are uniquely adept at meeting the needs of complex IT environments that use technologies from a number of hardware and software vendors. This new update continues to maximize IT efficiency by focusing on the analysis of storage capacity, including VMware guest disk space, AIX physical and VIOS disk space, and AIX LPAR disk space (virtual HBA).

    The TeamQuest software suite includes TeamQuest Predictor, TeamQuest CMIS (Capacity Management Information System), TeamQuest Surveyor, and TeamQuest Analyzer. The powerful performance analytics include highly scalable and predictive capabilities based on a fast, automated, and accurate analytic queuing network solver that is one of a kind.

    “These new enhancements to our capacity management software improve on virtually every component in the suite, giving TeamQuest customers a major boost to efficiently deliver on business cost and performance with one standardized toolset,” said TeamQuest Chief Technology Officer Bill Andruss.

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    About TeamQuest Corporation

    TeamQuest is the global leader in IT capacity planning and management, delivering automated, comprehensive and real-time performance analysis covering everything from applications to servers to storage. TeamQuest software enables organizations to accurately analyze, predict, manage and measure the performance of highly dynamic, multi-vendor environments. Enterprises around the world trust TeamQuest solutions to proactively improve latency, mitigate financial risk, and reduce cost. For more information, please visit

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