TeamQuest Announces New KVM and EC2 Capacity Management Capabilities

    Clear Lake, Iowa, March 26, 2013

    A new release of TeamQuest Performance Software adds the ability for IT operations professionals to monitor and analyze the performance of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (KVM) and to capacity plan for migrations to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

    Performance monitoring and capacity analysis for KVM

    TeamQuest Performance Software is a suite of products for capacity management and IT Service Optimization in mixed-vendor environments. This latest release adds support for performance monitoring and analysis of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, an environment based on Red Hat's kernel-embedded KVM.

    analyzer_icon.png One product in the TeamQuest suite, TeamQuest Analyzer, allows sys admins to detect and quickly troubleshoot performance issues in complex environments. Now the tool can handle KVM as well as VMware and other technologies commonly used in IT operations.


    Another tool in the suite, TeamQuest Surveyor, automatically analyzes capacity and formulates reports that make it easier for managers to ensure that IT efficiently delivers services to users.

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the world's most popular Linux OS, and it's kernel-embedded implementation of KVM is a proven performer in the hypervisor market. These are some of the reasons why an increasing number of IT organizations have adopted KVM. But virtualization adds a new layer of complexity. "Virtualization introduces new challenges for capacity management says Scott Adams, Director of Product Management at TeamQuest." So our customers using KVM have been asking us to provide enterprise-class performance and capacity analysis tools for that environment. Now we have."

    Capacity planning for Amazon EC2

    When capacity planners are faced with moving workloads to virtualized cloud environments, they need to choose how to migrate workloads and which workloads to migrate. TeamQuest Predictor is a tool that can help planners make decisions that balance performance with cost, and with this new TeamQuest software release, TeamQuest Predictor can help with migrations to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

    TeamQuest product manager, John Seifert, says, "Our goal is to help optimize IT services in multi-vendor environments, so it only made sense for us to provide capacity planning for what I think is by far the most popular Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud service."


    Using TeamQuest Predictor's new capability for Amazon EC2 you can:


    • Ensure that service levels will be met when workloads are migrated to EC2
    • Help you evaluate the cost of using EC2 by showing you which and how many instance types you will need
    • Balance cost with performance, choosing the number and types of EC2 instances that will cost-effectively deliver the performance you really need


    TeamQuest is the global leader in IT Service Optimization, delivering automated, comprehensive and real-time performance analysis covering everything from apps to servers to storage. TeamQuest software enables organizations to accurately analyze, predict, manage and measure the performance of highly dynamic, multi-vendor environments. Enterprises around the world trust TeamQuest solutions to proactively improve latency, mitigate financial risk, and reduce cost.