Survey Says Capacity Management Key to Decreasing Risk in Data Center

    Clear Lake, Iowa, March 13, 2013

    Nearly all IT managers surveyed admit that the very success of a data center is reliant upon proper capacity management, according to responses from a Kelton Research survey, commissioned by TeamQuest Corporation.

    The data center is the focal point of IT, housing the infrastructure that enables services to flow to and from multiple destinations at a moment's notice, 24 hours a day. Unanticipated issues can hinder these services, resulting in possible downtime and causing inefficiencies to the tune of sometimes many thousands of dollars per minute.

    "Companies can gain cost efficiencies and a competitive advantage when they employ proper capacity management processes and tools," said TeamQuest Director of Product Management Scott Adams.

    The survey reveals IT managers believe proper capacity management not only improves efficiency in the data center, but also improves the following:

    • Business productivity
    • Agility
    • Cost savings
    • Workforce productivity
    • Cloud implementation
    • Consolidation and virtualization projects


    "We're not saying capacity management will cure all that ails your services," said Adams, "but once you do capacity management right, your risks diminish and your business results improve."

    Adams points to a number of benefits from capacity management, citing decreased IT outages, fewer resources spent on unexpected issues, improved productivity, and more time between failures. The survey results support his belief that capacity management boosts IT efficiency as nearly 70% of respondents said capacity management has improved efficiency in their companies. Adams advises companies to use tools to improve efficiency and reduce data center risk.

    "Look for something that analyzes and reports across the entire IT infrastructure," he said. Adams advises companies look for a multi-vendor solution. "Data centers are comprised of hardware and software from multiple vendors. Siloed solutions will be hard pressed to provide the flexibility and customization needed for your heterogeneous environment."