Mature IT Organizations Experience Fewer Outages

    Clear Lake, Iowa, Feb. 28, 2013

    Organizations that score high on the capacity management maturity model deal with half as many unexpected IT issues each week as those who score lower. In fact, the higher scores reflect a penchant for IT efficiency. The higher scores translate into a 3:1 difference in time spent putting out unexpected IT issues on a weekly basis.

    “We find that organizations who score higher and journey through the maturity model experience fewer cloud outages, understand how to use their resources wisely, and have improved efficiency in their departments so that IT and business performance are tied together,” said TeamQuest Director of Global Services Per Bauer.

    Most IT managers (60 percent) work in organizations that are chaotic, meaning that they lack operations management discipline. This level is characterized by organizations that usually learn of performance problems after users call to complain. These organizations often lack a centralized service desk for reporting of incidents. “It’s usually more luck than analysis,” said Bauer.

    According to the survey, nearly 50% of those in the chaotic category lack the needed information about the activities that lead up to an incident and also are unclear what tools and processes to use to solve the problem.

    “This falls back on bringing efficiency to the data center,” said Bauer. “The benefits realized by organizations scoring higher far outweigh what’s experienced by those scoring lower.”

    IT managers who scored lower on the maturity assessment were more likely to struggle with virtual machine management (91%) versus those who scored higher (62%).

    Take the maturity assessment and discover how to advance through the maturity stages.

    *Information reported in this release taken from a survey conducted by Kelton Research, commissioned by TeamQuest Corporation.


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