TeamQuest Releases New Performance and Capacity Management Product Suite

    Release 11 provides a single, vendor-agnostic solution for heterogeneous virtualized and physical environments.

    April 03, 2012, Clear Lake, Iowa

    TeamQuest Corporation announced a new performance and capacity management product suite to help everyone from the CIO to the systems administrator accurately analyze, predict, manage and understand the performance of IT services with a single solution.

    "We’re turning it up to eleven with this release, revamping our product suite and adding a powerful new capacity management tool called TeamQuest Surveyor," said TeamQuest Director of Product Management Scott Adams.

    The new product suite is different from other performance and capacity management offerings, said Adams. "We offer cloud scalability that’s proven by installations at Fortune 100 companies. We bring cost-effective flexibility through customized analysis, reporting, and drag-and-drop metric integration. Plus we offer an analytic queuing network solver that other capacity planning vendors can’t provide."

    TeamQuest Surveyor, TeamQuest Analyzer, TeamQuest Predictor and TeamQuest CMIS comprise the new capacity analysis and performance management suite. TeamQuest CMIS efficiently stores and accesses data for enterprise analysis and reporting, including detailed problem investigation.

    "Customers see our CMIS as a strategic business advantage and view it as a center of excellence across the enterprise," said Adams.

    TeamQuest’s newest product, TeamQuest Surveyor, is an enterprise capacity management solution that easily and rapidly integrates all your data sources — regardless of the vendor or technology — and makes them available for automated analysis and reporting. TeamQuest Surveyor saves time, providing the business, capacity managers, system managers and application teams with a fully-automated and highly-scalable capacity management decision support system.

    Performance analysts, database administrators and test engineers use TeamQuest Analyzer for their real-time and historical performance analysis to proactively detect, investigate, and diagnose IT service performance issues in heterogeneous virtualized and cloud environments.

    "TeamQuest Predictor takes the rocket science out of predictive analytics," said Adams. This software piece puts the speed and accuracy of a powerful analytic queuing network solver into the hands of capacity planners. By using baseline measurements and configuration information from the distributed TeamQuest CMIS, individuals can discover problems with existing or hypothetical configurations and can create different models to predict how changes will affect performance.

    What else is new?

    The new TeamQuest Administration Console simplifies and accelerates setup and maintenance of large TeamQuest CMIS installations. The new console scales to manage thousands of nodes. TeamQuest also added remote agentless collection of performance data from Microsoft Hyper-V environments with its distributed TeamQuest CMIS.

    The latest release also includes support for new hypervisor and OS releases, usability improvements, and more. TeamQuest customers are encouraged to refer to the product release notes for further information. Release notes are available via TeamQuest Support (login required).

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