TeamQuest Offers New, Automated KPI for Overall System Performance Health

    New KPI is part of the latest update to the TeamQuest Performance Software Suite

    Clear Lake, Iowa, Oct. 15, 2012

    TeamQuest Corp. today announced the availability of a single KPI that gauges the overall performance health of a system or application in near real-time, called TeamQuest Performance Indicator (TPI).

    Using a simple, easy-to-understand scale from zero to 100, TPI is calculated automatically and provides a simple key performance indicator for overall health. Competitive solutions typically combine several KPIs using simple math to create an overall health KPI. But TPI incorporates more sophisticated analysis that actually understands the queuing behavior of computer systems.

    “TPI is far superior to anything else available in the industry,” said Director of Product Management Scott Adams. “We're providing an easy way to see and understand the true performance health of your systems and applications. You don't have to sift through tons of disparate metrics only to draw your own conclusions. TPI is simple, automated and accurate.”

    TeamQuest developed the TPI to help optimize capacity and minimize risk in dynamic, heterogeneous environments. TPI helps:

    • Avoid underutilizing systems
    • Simplify capacity analysis and reporting
    • Monitor the environment intelligently

    Sophisticated algorithms that account for the non-linear behavior of performance work behind the scenes to provide the accuracy needed when reporting systems health. This level of accuracy is completely missed by simpler capacity planning techniques.

    “TPI is as easy as understanding that zero means performance can't get any worse and 100 means the performance can't get any better,” said Adams. “TPI is simply the best KPI.”

    TPI is a feature within TeamQuest Predictor which helps IT professionals accurately identify the resources required to support consistent service delivery at appropriate risk levels. TeamQuest Predictor is one of the only capacity planning solutions available that uses a sophisticated analytic queuing network solver behind-the-scenes to provide fast and accurate results.


    Additional release notes:
    TPI is just one of many enhancements that TeamQuest is delivering in its latest update to the TeamQuest Performance Software suite.


    TeamQuest is the global leader in IT Service Optimization, delivering automated, comprehensive and real-time performance analysis covering everything from apps to servers to storage. TeamQuest software enables organizations to accurately analyze, predict, manage and measure the performance of highly dynamic, multi-vendor environments. Enterprises around the world trust TeamQuest solutions to proactively improve latency, mitigate financial risk, and reduce cost.