TeamQuest Announces New Storage Capacity Management Solution

    The TeamQuest Storage Capacity Management solution bridges technology silos, providing single-pane-of-glass management for everything from the service or application layer down to underlying systems and storage.

    Clear Lake, Iowa, Oct. 15, 2012

    TeamQuest Corp. announced it's new TeamQuest Storage Capacity Management solution that allows users to seamlessly analyze the performance and capacity of SAN storage systems and other infrastructure together. A capability new to the industry, this application-to-virtual server-to-physical server-storage system analysis helps troubleshoot, manage, and optimize virtualized cloud environments.

    The TeamQuest solution allows a more comprehensive multi-tiered analysis for the entire IT infrastructure that contributes to overall performance, including business data as well as performance data regarding physical servers, guest systems, and storage.

    “This solution integrates performance analysis and reporting across multiple tiers, giving a true big picture of combined storage and server technologies supporting the performance of business services,” said Director of Product Management Scott Adams. “Unlike standalone storage or server-centric products, this is a fully integrated solution that uniquely analyzes and reports capacity and performance from the business service all the way down to storage.”

    • Seamlessly analyze storage and other infrastructure — together
    • Rapidly understand when storage is the bottleneck, why, and what services are impacted
    • Report on who or what is using how much, and when

    “The TeamQuest storage solution uniquely spans servers, applications and storage to provide a single pane of glass view of the environment,” said Adams.

    Analyses can include business data from customer apps, status information from service desk tools, or performance data from monitoring tools. “Companies don't need to rip and replace existing tools since the TeamQuest solution will work with the current environment,” he said.

    The new TeamQuest Storage Capacity Management solution automates capacity analysis for everything from business services to applications to your virtual and physical server infrastructure. By adding storage analysis, this new solution provides the ability to capacity manage multi-vendor storage and virtually everything else in your data center.



    TeamQuest is the global leader in IT Service Optimization, delivering automated, comprehensive and real-time performance analysis covering everything from apps to servers to storage. TeamQuest software enables organizations to accurately analyze, predict, manage and measure the performance of highly dynamic, multi-vendor environments. Enterprises around the world trust TeamQuest solutions to proactively improve latency, mitigate financial risk, and reduce cost.