January 2017 Vityl News


    IT Cost Optimization Is Really About Business Optimization

    The demand for optimizing IT costs is often triggered by an effort to decrease spending, but true cost optimization is really about business optimization. Optimize IT costs and strengthen the connection between IT and the business.

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    Webinar: Business Runs on IT – How Efficient is IT?

    Live Webinar: How to Improve Your IT Organization's IT Maturity

    Join TeamQuest and CMG on Wednesday, March 1st to discuss how people, processes, and tools impact IT maturity, necessary steps for improving maturity, and potential challenges you may face.

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    Webinar: Business Runs on IT – How Efficient is IT?

    Article: TeamQuest Joins HelpSystems

    By bringing TeamQuest into the family, we enrich the company with a remarkable amount of expertise and great products to help organizations make sure their IT environment is stepping up today - and tomorrow.

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    Video: TeamQuest's Vityl for Performance Analysts

    IT issues can spell disaster for an enterprise. Performance analysts can use the Vityl suite to keep crashes, slowdowns, and other IT disasters far from their doorstep.

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    Tools: Where Do You Rank in IT Maturity?

    Blog: Predictive Modeling Helps You Piece the Future Together

    No one can see the future, but advancements in predictive modeling techniques make it possible for IT professionals to identify potential problems and solve them before they happen.

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    Blog: How the Insurance Industry Can Tap into the Power of the Cloud

    Article: How to Minimize IT Risk Without Stifling Innovation

    Companies delivering IT services must minimize unnecessary risk while continuing to take chances and make bold decisions - capacity management and performance monitoring software can make it easier to strike the balance.

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