April 2017 Vityl News


    Blog: Why 2017 Could Be the Year of the CIO

    There’s a new C-suite exec in town: the CIO. As business tech expands, IT managers find themselves increasingly primed for the C-suite. Here’s why. 

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    Article: Why IT Needs to Enable a Customer-Centric Mindse

    Article: Why IT Needs to Enable a Customer-Centric Mindset

    Customers come first, period. Their buying journey should be seamless, regardless of channel. That’s why IT needs to think customer when managing infrastructure. 

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    White Paper: IT Service Optimization: Reaching New Heights

    On-Demand Webinar: How to Improve Your Organization’s IT Maturity

    There’s more to IT maturity than increased efficiency and reduced risk. Mature IT departments need to understand objectives and how to align with them—here’s how.

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    Blog: Business and IT Goals Really Are Aligned—They Just Don’t Know It

    So much depends upon IT. Executives used to view IT as a cost center, but now they expect the department to drive innovation and, ultimately, revenue. IT wants to prove itself to be an asset to the company—so why do the two groups often feel as though their goals aren’t aligned?

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    Article: A Step-By-Step Guide to IT Metrics Management

    Video: Optimize IT and Maximize Business Value

    Business can’t thrive without a solid technology base—that means IT optimization is really about business optimization. In this short video, learn what it take to minimize cost, reduce risk, and maximize business value.

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    Video: How Vityl Helps Performance Analysts

    White Paper: How to Do IT Cost Optimization

    How does your business view IT? Learn how to turn the conversation from IT as a cost center to IT as a business driver. Plus, find out how to measure progress towards optimization goals in a way that business leadership can understand. 

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