July 2016 Vityl News


    Blog: Beyond the 4%: How IT Can Cut Costs for the Entire Business

    Businesses won’t find much to cut from already-lean IT budgets. Instead, IT professionals should look beyond IT, launching digital initiatives to cut business costs and create new value.

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    Live Webinar: Capacity Management for Your Entire Infrastructure: Physical, Virtual, & Cloud

    Join CMG and TeamQuest on Wednesday, July 20th at 1PM EDT to discuss how Capacity Management has evolved over the last 40 years from spreadsheets and manual processes to full automation.

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    Article: Do IT Teams Do Enough to Prevent Problems?

    Tech teams contend with at least a half-dozen unexpected issues per week that could be avoided with better planning, according to a recent survey of nearly 320 global IT managers.

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    Case Study: Palm Beach Sheriff's Office Drive Contact Center Performance with Dashboard Metrics

    PBSO dashboard automates a labor-intensive and largely inaccurate reporting system, saving significant time while allowing the team to focus on more important proactive improvement projects.

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    Blog: Don't Be Caught Off Guard by Overprovisioning

    While the cloud can respond elastically to your needs, you have to clearly understand those needs to determine whether you’re actually saving on IT costs.

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    White Paper: Health and Risk: A New Paradigm for Capacity Management

    Explore how the complex monitoring, analysis, and prediction involved in capacity management can be simplified to make the process more manageable and transparent to all stakeholders."

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    TeamQuest Webinar Series

    Accurately Capacity Plan with What-if Analysis: Wednesday, July 20, 10am CST

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    Fusion (Las Vegas, NV) November 1-4