This month we've got new software coming and some product training classes we'd like to tell you about. We've also got some survey results that will tell you what IT managers around the globe think about their ability to deliver services to their customers; more than 400 managers and directors participated. And last but not least, we've got a great eBook that will help you understand how you can use IT analytics to achieve better business performance.

    New Release Coming Soon

    TeamQuest will release new software later this month. Check the TeamQuest website and your email for more information.

    Training Headed Your Way

    TeamQuest has seats remaining for courses on TeamQuest CMIS, TeamQuest Analyzer, TeamQuest Predictor, and TeamQuest Surveyor. You and your team can enhance your skills around new concepts, technical skills, and procedures. Visit the website for more information and to sign up today.

    TeamQuest Global ITSO Maturity Study

    More than 400 IT managers from across the globe shared how they tackle capacity and performance related problems in their IT environment. Find out if you're like the leaders.

    Read the Study >> (no longer available)

    IT Service Optimization: Reaching New Heights

    Download this ebook and discover how you can use IT analytics to achieve better business performance.

    Read the eBook >>

    Perception vs. Reality: IT Organization Maturity

    When 400 IT managers were asked to rank their organization's ability to accurately measure, predict, and manage IT services, perception and reality were a bit off.

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