Living in chaos can be fun when you get to play hero after solving unforeseen problems. But it gets old to the business and customers. They just want "stuff" that works. We've found that the most mature IT professionals and their organizations stay ahead of the game with mature processes like the ones outlined in the first article below. Check it out. Move through the levels and become a superhero for the business and your customers.

    A Guide to IT Service Optimization Maturity

    Increased adoption of technologies such as virtualization, dynamic computing, and various forms of cloud computing has complicated the quest for performance and reliability of IT services. The ruthless drive for efficiency calls for the use of more sophisticated optimization methods. Learn how competitive your IT optimization processes and tools are and the results that you can expect from implementing improvements.

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    TeamQuest Customer Ideas Website

    It's been a year already since we launched the TeamQuest Customer Ideas Website. Time flies when you're having fun! We have received lots of great ideas from you and almost 50 ideas have been used to improve TeamQuest products. Thank you for your contribution and please keep sending us your ideas.

    If you've never used the TeamQuest Customer Ideas website, we invite you to try it now. Join the community using your TeamQuest Support credentials and start adding your own favorite ideas at ideas.teamquest.com today.

    Here are some statistics from the past year that you might find interesting...

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    Using IT Analytics to Achieve Better Business Performance

    IT analytics is rapidly becoming a crucial factor in helping businesses optimize performance and increase profits. Companies need to understand how best to deploy analytics and how to integrate the process into their IT departments. Only then can the benefits be fully realized. This special report investigates how this can be achieved to maximum advantage for both the business and its customers.

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