You may have heard. TeamQuest purchased PureShare, a leading BVD solution, which will enable users to elevate IT maturity and optimize infrastructure based on the business value it delivers. In today's hyper-connected and digital world, IT systems drive business. We're committed to delivering powerful IT performance metrics and predictive analytics that help steer the IT engine. You're getting best-in-class data acquisition and analysis functionality and the ability to connect it to how it adds value to the business. Click on the links below to delve into the what and why behind the acquisition.

     TeamQuest + PureShare = Business Value

    Why did TeamQuest purchase PureShare? TeamQuest President and CEO Paul Hesser explains why and what it means to IT ops, your stakeholders, and the industry.

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    Eliminate Turbulence Between IT and the Business with BVDs

    IT continues to struggle with business alignment and how to best showcase its business value. Head of business development Rich Razon and Pink Elephant executive vice president George Spalding show you how to effectively communicate IT's value to business stakeholders. Understand how to leverage business value metrics to translate operational IT data into value-based business-driving information.

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