We're kicking off June with some thought-provoking content for anyone who is focusing less on technology and processes and more on creating new business models. Read analyst Bernd Harzog's thoughts on what it will take to survive in the Software Defined Data Center. TeamQuest Director of Market Development Dave Wagner shares more thoughts on moneyballing the data center in this month's webinar.

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    • Gartner IT Infrastructure Operations Management Summit - Orlando (June 9-11)


    Agile Operations for the Software Defined Data Center and the Cloud

    CEO of APM Experts Bernd Harzog provides a thought provoking look at the limitations of current framework vendor solutions and lays out a new, still evolving, way of managing apps which will comprise an ecosystem of best-in-class tools and usher in a new paradigm for IT - one he calls the Software Defined Data Center.    


    It's Time Your Data Center Gets the Moneyball Treatment

    Hear a new approach to predicting IT and business performance. Join TeamQuest Director of Market Development Dave Wagner as he explains why old, traditional methods are failing and describes how to better identify relationships across widely disparate data sets.