We're sharing one person's real world account of how you can build an ITSO discipline. This month's article from John Miecielica shows how ITSO can be carried out in your organization. Miecielica shares how he used ITSO to provide peak performance to his customers. Also, watch this month’s video as TeamQuest and Safeway team up to share how the grocer automated its optimization process, covering IT and business metrics that optimized performance and cost.


    Lessons Learned in Building an ITSO Discipline

    IT Service Optimization (ITSO) can be summed up as the achievement of peak IT performance and ideal resource usage. This is a concept that is easily stated, but not so easy to attain. This article provides an overview of what ITSO is, how to build an ITSO team and tips based on Miecielica’s experience on how it should be carried out. He has many years of experience in implementing ITSO in the real world and in this article, he provides many valuable tips.    


    Automating IT Analytics to Optimize Service Delivery Cost at Safeway

    TeamQuest and Safeway cover the application of automatic, exception-oriented analytics to a wide variety of IT and business metrics in order to simultaneously optimize service performance and IT cost. Multiple conceptual approaches are shared, including pros and cons. Most of the presentation includes real examples by which Safeway has integrated performance, capacity, business, and power data into an automated optimization process spanning 1000s of servers and virtual servers and their applications.