Last month, TeamQuest and Safeway shared two prized resources to explain how organizations can align their business intelligence with their IT data in the use case of understanding performance, throughput, response time and capacity optimization. Watch Dave Wagner and Chris Lynn share the stage from the Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas.

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    Automating IT Analytics to Optimize Service Delivery Cost at Safeway

    TeamQuest Advocate Dave Wagner and Chris Lynn, Safeway's Capacity Manager and Performance Analyst, cover the application of automatic, exception-oriented analytics to a wide variety of IT and business metrics in order to simultaneously optimize service performance and IT cost. Multiple conceptual approaches are shared, including pros and cons. Most of the presentation includes real examples by which Safeway has integrated performance, capacity, business, and power data into an automated optimization process spanning 1000s of servers and virtual servers and their applications.

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    Introducing a Capacity Management Maturity Model

    Business units are demanding more services and greater reliability from IT, while also trying to constrain, or even reduce, budgets. In those rare cases where budget is not a constraint, power, cooling, floor space or administration soon become a limiting factor to installation of new equipment. As greater demands are placed on IT for efficiency and productivity, it is becoming more important for IT organizations to adopt more sophisticated methods; in other words, IT management processes must become more "mature."