The C-suite is in charge of transformation? According to an article in this month's ITSO News, most of the pressure is on the CFO to lead the "business machine." Grasp the realities that CFOs face - and the realities that will affect you - in the 7-page article below.


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    You Don't Have to be Superman to be a CFO - But it Would Help!

    The rapidly changing pace and dynamics of the modern business world is placing new pressures on all "C-Level" executives, but none more so it seems than the CFO who is now expected to become the leading cog in the business machine. Read this 7-page document to see how CFOs are tackling transformation in their organizations.


    3 Ways Optimization in a Box Solves YOUR IT Problems

    (This video is no longer available.)

    TeamQuest Director of Global Services Per Bauer explains how to manage services in relation to servers, storage, network, power and floor space. Understand costing data, incidents, business transaction volumes, and demand forecasts. Watch this short video to learn more about Optimization in a Box and how to quickly improve your ability to optimize business services today.