On the heels of VMworld 2013, we're focusing on virtualization this month. Listen to analyst Mike Matchett discuss how to care for your mission-critical applications. Also, review a white paper explaining how TeamQuest can help you optimize the performance of all your systems and storage.

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    • Unite (Chicago) Sept. 9-12

    White Paper

    Is Virtualized IT Stalled on Delivering Performance

    One of the hardest challenges for an IT provider today is to guarantee a specific level of "response time" performance to applications. Performance is absolutely mission critical for many business applications, which has often led to expensively over-provisioned and dedicated infrastructures. Discover some solutions that help address performance problems head-on.

    White Paper

    Optimizing Performance Across Systems and Storages

    Important applications demand good performance. And most applications important to a business—mission-critical production, live customer, business operational, user productivity, external collaboration, et al.—are dependent not just on server performance, but on storage performance too. Unfortunately, because most performance management approaches are IT silo-focused, it is difficult to assure end-to-end performance for key applications that are heavily dependent on resources drawn from multiple IT domains. 
    In this paper, we'll briefly review the challenges to assuring good performance in today's competitive IT environment, and discuss what it takes to overcome these challenges to deploy appropriate end-to-end infrastructure and operationally deliver high-performance service levels.