We're sharing more information from TTS 2013. Get a little extra this month as we delve into a discussion from Forrester analyst James Staten's talk about cloud computing. Staten's talk was well-received and provided a few points that raised a few eyebrows in the audience. Tell us what you think? 
    Also, Leonid Grinshpan shared a how-to story with the TTS 2013 audience. He showed everyone how he used model-based transaction-aware cloud management technology to reduce database servers while deploying an enterprise application for one of his clients. Discover how he found success. 
    Be sure to find out how one TeamQuest customer cut costs and simplified his environment. His environment was pretty good sized - more than 30,000 servers and virtual machines, dozens of data centers, and a large mainframe installation. 

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    5 Habits of Cloud-Enabled IT Leadership

    Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research James Staten discussed the encroachment of the cloud into the enterprise and how capacity planning must be done to match today's reality. Read our impression from his TTS 2013 discussion.

    Customer story

    Improving Cloud Efficiency Using Model-Based Transaction-Aware Management

    Leonid Grinshpan, Ph.D., Consulting Technical Director at Oracle showed how he reduced the number of database servers from 40 to 21 while deploying an enterprise application for a customer. Minimization of hardware was made possible by implementation of model-based transaction-aware cloud management methodology using TeamQuest model solver.

    Customer story

    Finance Giant Cuts Costs and Finds Simplicity in Data

    How did a Fortune 500 company simplify processes, reduce spending, and maximize asset utilization, all without increasing risk to the organization? An IT leader inside one of the world's largest financial services organizations shares how he was able to declare "mission accomplished" on those requests and more.