Ron Potter continues his discussion about mature IT environments with the final two podcasts of this series. The demands from the business and the complexities of today's environment are pushing IT staff and leaders to work faster, but with more inefficiencies and a higher probability of "unforeseen" problems.


    IT Capacity Management Maturity Model: Proactive

    Ron Potter doles out real-world advice and shares his stories about his team's journey to capacity management maturity. He explains how IT organizations and individuals can point to specific IT decisions that improve business results through proper capacity management.


    IT Capacity Management Maturity Model: Service

    Ron Potter shares how his IT group tied their work to an increase in the company's stock price. "The savings translated to several cents per share," according to Potter. Listen to this 11-minute podcast and move toward the service end of the capacity management maturity model. Who knows? You might add something positive to your company's bottom line, too.