TeamQuest just announced - last week - its latest offering to help IT optimize services for the business. Predictive analytics will show organizations where they can identify and reduce risks and make better business decisions. 
    Check out this month's newsletter offerings as we share a recent webinar between Bernd Harzog and Dave Wagner on optimizing software defined data center performance. Also, be sure to review what CIOs want from a special report by Computer Weekly.


    • Gartner Data Center Conference (Las Vegas) Dec. 8-12


    Virtualized Everything Changes Everything: Optimize Software Defined Data Center Performance

    (This webinar is no longer available.)

    Your customers rely on you to efficiently manage a highly dynamic, rapidly changing, highly shared, distributed environment so they can do their jobs effectively. This means working through the complexities of understanding the services in your virtualized networks, machines and storage, and determining how and when customers will be affected. Listen to virtualization expert Bernd Harzog discuss the complexities that many IT organizations are unaware of and how to bring clarity to your organization and customers. TeamQuest Advocate Dave Wagner will share new approaches to measure, manage and optimize these "virtualized everything" environments in terms of the only measures that matter to the business: application workload latency and throughput.


    Understanding the Real Value of IT and Proving it to the Business

    CIOs want IT to demonstrate business value, but only 27% of those surveyed believe IT contributes to the company's strategic business goals. Find out how IT can effectively measure cost and value, properly plan for future business successes, and focus on business goals in this special report from Computer Weekly.