May 19, 2009

    This survey was taken at the 2009 TeamQuest Technology Summit, April 28-29. We asked attendees to choose their highest priority for 2009. And the winner... Overwhelmingly, it's virtualization. Is that a surprise? Well, no, but I have two questions. Why is cloud computing so low with a paltry 7 percent and when will processes such as ITIL finally get their comeuppance?

    Priority for 2009

    Virtualization - 68%
    Virtualization has been the teacher's pet for the last couple of years. The news articles, analysts and businesses continue to sing its praises. We've branched out though. Instead of focusing on server virtualization, we've moved to desktop and application virtualization. What's next? How else are you exploiting virtualization capabilities? Will virtualization continue to be the class favorite?

    ITIL - 14%
    Ahhh yes. The processes that work well for IT, but have yet to translate to or get buy-in from the business side. ITIL is a tricky one for me. I see its value. ITIL isn't easy. ITIL can demand a cultural shift and buy-in from IT staff. ITIL has several processes with just as many starting points. What are you to do?

    With the mantra "do more with less" being trumpeted about companies and IT staff, one would think more businesses would welcome some sort of process to improve the delivery of services. Those of you who have had success incorporating an ITIL process or two should share your secrets with other readers. How do you get buy in from the business side?

    Green IT - 11%
    It's good to see Green computing working its way up as a priority, but there's more we in IT can do. I'm talking more than server consolidation. Ron Potter has a few ideas for data center and systems management professionals.

    Cloud Computing - 7%
    Cloud computing has captured the interest of the IT world in much the same way as virtual servers. It's a great conversation piece, but its priority seems to be pretty low. Why is that? Is it due to security reasons? Are organizations concerned with someone else being in control?


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