May 13, 2008

    Hello, my name is Jerred Ruble and I am one of the founders of TeamQuest Corporation and serve as the President and CEO of the Corporation. I thought it would be a good time to start a blog.

    First things first. You will not read postings that discuss the greatness of TeamQuest software. We can do that in a news release and on our website. I'll leave the glitz, glam and promotions to the marketing department.

    The purpose of the TeamQuest blog is to share with you what is going on within TeamQuest, the issues IT operations professionals experience, and our thoughts where the industry is headed. We may even challenge the thoughts of an industry analyst or two.

    All of our employees will be encouraged to post to the blog, making it a company-wide tool for keeping in touch with you. Every employee who posts to this blog is here to listen. This is a conversation among peers.

    Last month we met with several customers at our technology summit in Tucson, Arizona, and I expect to share some of the takeaways from that event.

    Here's a link to the event - [link is obsolete]. Some of the topics you should read from TTS include:

      • Performance management and capacity planning for virtualized environments
      • The challenges of aligning IT with business
      • How virtual environments are represented with IT resources
      • Understanding CPU measurements for multi-threaded processors
      • Analyzing business data with the user agent

    Be sure to check back often.