August 28, 2012
    First off, VMworld is a crazy experience. If you are in any IT-related field, it truly should be on your bucket list.  With over 25,000 attendees and sponsors, you have ample room to get lost in pretty much whatever you'd like. But there is one issue I see with the doesn't address capacity management very well.

    I have heard references to planning your infrastructure but it doesn't seem to be a priority at all. Agility is one of the main drivers of virtualization and cloud computing. And if you don't plan properly, you can throw agility out the window. You'll either be wasting time, money, space, energy, and resources or you'll have a customer screaming in your ear because you just cannot provide the services your business requires.

    So, here's my plea. Focus on proper capacity planning people, process, and tools. What would you say if I told you we recently helped a large financial services organization reclaim >2,000  VMs in less than 5 minutes?  Well, it's true. And it begs the question, how in the world did 2,000 unneeded VMs get created in the first place? I know...poor capacity planning.

    Category: capacity-planning