August 20, 2013

    VMworld is just around the corner and we would like to give you a preview of what you can see from TeamQuest next week in the Solutions Exchange. We have updated our offering to help you optimize your IT services for VMware by providing practical performance and capacity management.

    • Manage all layers, from apps to VMs to physical servers to storage
    • Drill down (or up) across the entire technology stack from business service to storage.
    • Leverage your existing management tools
    • TeamQuest works with your existing data sources including VMware, Microsoft, RedHat, BMC, CA, and more.
    • Predict and resolve problems before they happen
    • Sophisticated automated analytics give advance warning and information on where to focus your attention.
    • Automate customizable analyses
    • Clone your experts and automate them with TeamQuest software, freeing valuable human resources.
    • Analyze VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, and more
    • TeamQuest supports multi-vendor environments, including all major virtualization platforms.

    TeamQuest Performance Indicator (TPI) is a single number that summarizes VM health. TPI understands that latency is key - it knows when and where there's VM resource contention. You can predict non-linear changes in VM performance and get continuous rolling predictions of future VM health.

    Follow us on Twitter for updates or if you are planning to be at VMworld, stop by and see our experts!

    Category: virtualization