December 18, 2009

    Enterprise Performance Specialist John Seifert recently spoke to performance analysts and capacity planners at CMG about the chart types and functions available in TeamQuest IT Service Analyzer and Reporter.

    The three main benefits from the software include the ability to:
    Align performance analysis and reporting with business and IT services
    Group and manage IT resources across the enterprise
    Show and report on relationships within the enterprise

    The best illustration he provided was of a VMware report (slide 60), which showed an array of ways to convey information, analyze data, and present performance/capacity data in an effective way. This is the kind of information that presents itself well to management.

    Yes, the audience saw the numerous chart types such as table, line, pie, area, heat map, and others. Seifert explained the pros and cons of each and shared his favorites. He did the same with the chart functions.

    An interesting part of the presentation was when John showed the gauges and heat maps. John highlighted the ability to view data and highlight by color which is good for performance analysis and hotspot detection (slide 35) something that will help IT better communicate with business.

    His gauge display (slide 33) showed how well your IT assets are being used. John also suggested that gauges can be used for max, mean and min measurements.

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