April 23, 2013

    Improving Cloud Efficiency Using Model-based, Transaction-aware Management - Leonid Grinshpan, Oracle.

    Mr. Grinshpan showed attendees how to use TeamQuest to accurately capacity plan for a cloud implementation. He showed the flexibility of using TeamQuest Predictor to model various scenarios to ensure SLA's are met. Grinshpan walked through a real life case study that proves how TeamQuest can help in your cloud implementation.

    Keep All of Your Services, Apps, & Servers Running at Optimum Levels Using TeamQuest Predictor's New Automated Analysis Capabilities - Scott Johnson, TeamQuest.

    TeamQuest's Predictor and capacity planning guru, Scott Johnson, detailed the latest automated analysis features that help remove the complexity of capacity planning. By systematically automating prediction scenarios in a routine manner, TeamQuest is able to take the guesswork out knowing the health of your services. Here's more information on TeamQuest's AutoPredict feature.

    Optimizing IT Services in a VMware Environment - Evan Anderson, TeamQuest.

    VMware is the leader in virtualization technology and Evan showed TTS attendees how to make the most out of their VMware environment. TeamQuest's VMware solution offers unprecedented storage, system, and network capacity planning all in one view. TeamQuest's agentless VMware data collection provides you the capability to analyze, report, and capacity plan your VMware environment.

    Surveyor Out of the Box Reporting with EyeR - Walter Verhoeven, CREATIVE Associates

    CREATIVE Associates is a valuable TeamQuest partner and their latest solution extends the capabilities of TeamQuest Surveyor. These out of the box reports help you save time and money by eliminating the need to develop your own views for Surveyor and providing intelligence for virtualized environments instantly after installation. Contact us for more information.