April 22, 2013

    TeamQuest's Director of Product Management, Scott Adams, ended the morning session of TTS 2013 by keeping us up to speed with the latest developments of TeamQuest Performance Software in the past several months.  Here's a rundown:

      1. TeamQuest Performance Indicator (TPI) - a unique measurement of system and workload health. From 0 to 100, TPI simplifies and automates predictive analysis of performance. Our website has a collection of information on TPI including a video, release data sheet, and additional web pages explaining TPI.


      1. TeamQuest CMIS for Storage - Powered by our partnership with Intellimagic, the TeamQuest CMIS for storage automatically maps how virtual machines are connected to storage devices, identifies performance bottlenecks regardless of where they may be - storage, server, virtualization layer, and provides capacity planning for your storage environment. Taneja Group wrote a white paper on the storage capabilities combined with systems to create a very powerful solution that is only offered at TeamQuest. We are not aware of any other company doing this in the market.


      1. AWS EC2 Support - thinking about moving a workload or application to the cloud and worried about how much it might cost or how it will behave? TeamQuest can now predict exactly how a migration to the Amazon cloud will go. Here's an earlier blog post on these capabilities.


      1. PostreSQL Database Option is Available - to help increase scalability as well as decrease costs of another popular relational database that we support.


      1. Additional Virtualization Support - added support for KVM, extended HyperV as well as VMware capabilities and measurements.


      1. A host of performance, administrative, and product usability improvements

    Scott did go through future plans and activities, but those are reserved for TTS attendees' eyes only.